Best Affiliate Networks for Coupon Bloggers |

If you want to be a coupon blogger and make money for writing about coupons and deals, one of the first things you will need to do is apply to affiliate networks. It is through these affiliate networks that you will begin making money from your coupon blog.

Many affiliate networks will quickly and easily provide you with deals that you can write about, including coupons and contests. With most of these affiliate networks all that you will need to do is post the links that they provide you and when people complete a specific action – be it printing a coupon, entering a contest, or registering for a deal – you will earn a commission.

Ready to start making money from you coupon blog? These are the best affiliate networks for coupon bloggers:


Escalate Network

Escalate Network is actually one of the very first affiliate networks that I registered for when I first started blogging and it remains one of my favorite sites. I believe in honesty and I’ll be quite upfront with you: I think there’s a lot of spam to be found in coupon affiliate networks. Spam = deals that aren’t really deals. Escalate Network has virtually none of these spammy promotions, which is why I recommend making it the first affiliate network on your list.

Through Escalate Network you can do things like post individual coupons on your blog from where you will earn a commission every time someone starts a new print session, post invitations to survey sites (help your readers make money online!), find some subscription box deals, freebies, and more.

There are always new offers available on Escalate, so you could easily start a blog with nothing more than coupons and deals that you find on this site!



Glitter Network

Glitter Network is very similar to Escalate Network, although they don’t have as many deals available and they don’t have the affiliation. They do have some different deals from Escalate, however, so it is worth adding this site to your repertoire of affiliate networks to check regularly.



CenterPoint Media

CenterPointMedia is another great affiliate network for coupon bloggers that offers an array of different coupons and deals that you can promote on your blog. You will see many of the same offers here that you see on other sites, but it never hurts to compare payout rates between sites because they are frequently different.

CenterPoint Media also has offers that you won’t find on other sites. They are great about emailing out details about limited-time offers that you may want to get posted on your site quickly.