Amazon CPM Advertising

Amazon is hopping into the advertising market!

I have to believe that the Amazon Associates affiliate program is one of the most widely-used tools for blog monetization, but now Amazon is offering CPM (cost per thousand) display ads!

Many bloggers when they are first starting out will put Adsense ads into their sidebar, which is great. Adsense is an easy way to make money and I use the ads myself. However, bloggers often look for different forms of advertising and Amazon CPM ads make a great alternative to Adsense.

One thing that’s great about Amazon CPM ads is that you can apparently set your own rate. For instance, if you set your rate at $1 per thousand, then Amazon ads will only appear on your site when they have advertisers willing to pay that amount. You can set up back-up ads, so whenever Amazon doesn’t have any ads that fit your criteria your back-up ads will appear.

Amazon CPM ads can be used IN ADDITION to other ad networks you may be a part of, so they should be a part of any blog owner’s arsenal. My recommendation is to look at the current rate you are earning from any ad network, be it Amazon or something else, and then make your Amazon CPM rate just a bit higher to start. Then, if you make more via Amazon – Great! If Amazon can’t service your site at the higher rate then your other ads will run. It’s a no-lose situation.

In order to access the Amazon CPM ads you will need to be an Amazon Associate. Once you are registered and signed into your account you will find the information about the CPM ads in the top dashboard.

Please Note: The option to display CPM ads is being rolled out slowly, so if you don’t find the option in your Associates account yet you will have to wait for Amazon to expand availability.