I joined Pinterest back in it’s early days and created a bunch of boards without any rhyme or reason. Recently I’ve wanted to rearrange my Pinterest boards because my mildly OCD mind couldn’t stand that my boards were not in alphabetical order.

As it turns out, rearranging your Pinterest boards couldn’t be easier!

How to rearrange your Pinterest boards


You can see my Pinterest boards here, with everything in alphabetical order! It took me a few weeks to figure out how to organize things so nicely, but now I can help you rearrange your Pinterest boards!

Rearranging your Pinterest boards is literally as easy as clicking each individual board near the title of the board and dragging it where you want it to be. It couldn’t be easier, really!

Moving Pinterest Boards

However, the problem I ran into is that I found most of my boards would revert back to their prior positions. They’d be fine while I was in the admin screen, but if I left and then came back, the boards would be out of order again.  I kept trying to rearrange the boards, and while some would stay, most would revert back to their prior positions. This drove me crazy for weeks!

My web browser of choice is Chrome, and finally it occurred to me that this could all be a browser issue. Plenty of other people had beautifully rearranged Pinterest boards that they’d arranged alphabetically or thematically, so there was no reason I couldn’t do this as well. I opened up Pinterest using Safari, rearranged my boards and – voila! – the boards stayed where I put them!

I don’t know if there is some sort of but with Chrome or if this was only an issue for me, but if you are having trouble rearranging your Pinterest boards I highly recommend trying to do it in a different browser. Now my Pinterest boards are arranged alphabetically and I’m so happy to have this off my “to-do” list!

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